Competition Rules



$110 per dancer

Duo/Trio (2 – 3 dancers)

$65 per dancer

Small Group (4-9 dancers)

$48 per dancer

Large Group (10-19 dancers)

$48 per dancer

Line (20 or more dancers)

$48 per dancer

Production (20 or more dancers)

$48 per dancer

Extended Time Production (25 + dancers)

$50 per dancer

  • All competing dancers must be registered for the entire workshop in the city where they are competing.
  • Please write separate checks for competition entries and convention registration. Both checks must be submitted simultaneously.
  • Competing dancers may enter as many categories as they wish, but they must not compete against themselves. Numbers entered in the same category must have a 50% change in participants.
  • A dance routine may move UP an age division in order to avoid competing against itself within a category…but never lower.
  • No teacher may perform with students.
  • No independent dancers may compete.
  • No professional dancers may compete, however, they may attend the workshops.
  • Dancers may compete in more than one city. However, if a number wins a superstar, five, four or three star in one city, that same number may not compete in another city.
  • No tap sounds on recordings.
  • No dangerous props (i.e., swords, fire, etc.).
  • No use of live animals.
  • Routines must be appropriate for family viewing. Point deductions or disqualification could result if judges find a number inappropriate.
  • No scenery.
  • General props are permitted. (There are limitations as to how large the props can be). Ceiling height can vary in each venue. Please check with the convention office if you have concerns with the size of a prop. Please remember that at the convention, WCDE has no storage space for props. NOTE: The placement of props must be completed within 2 minutes. Deductions will occur if overtime.
  • It is the sole responsibility of each studio to ensure that its props are taken on and off stage. It is the studio’s responsibility to ensure that the stage is completely clean and clear after the routine is finished. WCDE is not responsible to clean the stage. Dancers cannot stand on a prop that is over 6′ tall. Props that stand above 10′ are not guaranteed to fit on the WCDE stage.
  • Routines containing more than three (3) gymnastic/acro passes must be entered in the open category. A five-point (-5) deduction per judge will be taken for numbers containing more than three (3) passes in a dance, and those numbers will be moved to the appropriate category.
  • General lifts are permitted.
  • Competing dancers must perform in their scheduled order unless permission is given for costume changes.
  • Competing dancers should be ready 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition time. The Competition may run up to 30 minutes early and each dancer will be expected to perform at the earlier time.
  • Approximately 30′ x 40′ marley floor
  • All teachers entering competition numbers will be given reserved seating. Visual coaching is prohibited.
  • NO VIDEOTAPING ALLOWED AT ANY TIME!  Please let everyone know about this rule.  This includes classes*, competition and the faculty show.

    *Note: Workshop Video Pass – Registered teachers and assistant teachers may purchase a workshop video pass at the event to use for filming class combos only. Video Pass fee $50.

Check out our brand new competition level!


  • This level of competition is for dancers who train 6 hours or less per week for  *ALL GENRES COMBINED*
  • All Catalyst competing dancers must be registered for the entire workshop in the city where they are competing.
  • Dancers are not permitted to cross over levels of competition in any category including solos, duos/trios, groups, lines, or any type of production.   Example:  A Catalyst dancer cannot be entered in both the Catalyst level and regular levels of competition.
  • Disqualifications will result in any changes from one level of competition to another level of competition.
  • All entries for this new and exciting level of competition are included in the total number of entries allowed at our regional events.  * CATALYST competition fees are the same as the regional competition fees.

MINI – 6-9
JUNIOR –10-12
TEEN – 13-15
SENIOR – 16 +

All routines will be adjudicated. There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place given to the entries with the highest scores in the MINI, JUNIOR, TEEN & SENIOR categories. A plaque will also be awarded for the following:

Overall High Score Solo
Overall High Score Duo/Trio
Overall High Score Small Group
Overall High Score Large Group
Overall High Score Line
Overall High Score Production
Overall High Score Extended Time Production


West Coast Dance Explosion will be offering Solo competition during our 2017-2018 season! SOLO Blast, will take place on Friday evening at each convention!

Each studio can enter up to 15 Solos.
*(All competing soloists must be registered for the 2-day workshop, and be competing in a duo/trio, group, line, production or extended time production at the event).

*Only one (1) solo per dancer is permitted.

In addition to the WCDE-STAR adjudication awards, a competitive 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place award will be given to the entries in each category.

The OVERALL highest scoring solo from all the Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior age divisions combined, will be awarded an Elite Dancer scholarship and will perform their solo in the faculty performance on Sunday!


Duo/Trio (2 to 3 dancers)
Small Group (4 to 9 dancers)
Large Group (10 to 19 dancers)
Line (20 or more dancers)
Production (20 or more dancers)
Extended Time Production
(25 + dancers)
*Solo contestants must be entered in a duo/trio,  group, line or production to be eligible to compete in Solo Blast!


Solo—two minutes and forty-five seconds max (2:45)
Duo/Trio—two minutes and forty-five seconds max (2:45)
Small Group—three minutes max (3:00)
Large Group—four minutes max (4:00)
Line—five minutes max (5:00)
Production—six minutes max (6:00)
Extended Time Production–eight minutes max (8:00)

One point (-1) deduction for each second over the time limit. Time limitations will be strictly enforced.


Registered teachers will be given special instructions so that they may upload competition music to the WCDE server. In addition to uploading your music – you must turn in (1) one professional quality CD for EACH number at the convention. *Only one number on each CD. No other music on CD. If you do not upload your music, (2) two CD’s of each number must be presented at the convention (one will be used as a back-up). All CDs must be submitted either on Friday between 5-6pm or to our Registration Desk between 9:00am and Noon (12:00pm) on Saturday. CDs will not be accepted after 12:00pm on Saturday.


MINI DIVISION—Ages 6 to 9 (avg age) 
JUNIOR DIVISION—Ages 10 to 12 (avg age)
TEEN DIVISION—Ages 13 to 15 (avg age)
SENIOR DIVISION—Ages 16 and over (avg age)

To reach the average age, add all ages together and divide by the number of dancers in the entry. NOTE: All ages are as of JANUARY 1, 2018. When averaging ages, make sure to drop the decimal point. Names, ages, and birth dates of all contestants must appear on the official entry form or it will not be accepted. Important: Birth certificates for all contestants must be brought to the convention and supplied upon request. Photocopies are acceptable. 

IMPORTANT RULE: Duo/Trios, Groups, Lines and Productions that include dancers of different age divisions will compete no more than one division younger than the oldest dancer, regardless of average age.



Routines must consist of ballet or pointe technique. All ballet entries judged together in ballet category only (classical, modern, abstract, and character). IMPORTANT RULE! ENTRIES MUST WEAR BALLET OR POINTE SHOES TO BE ENTERED IN THE BALLET CATEGORY.


A routine that demonstrates jazz technique, utilizing up-tempo music. All entries judged together in jazz category only.


A mix of jazz styles with heavy emphasis on modern & ballet technique. All entries judged together in contemporary category only.


A routine that demonstrates lyrical technique. All entries judged together in lyrical jazz category only.


A routine comprised of tap technique. All entries judged together in tap category only.


A routine that demonstrates any dance style or combination of dance styles (ethnic, acro-gymnastics, ballroom, novelty, clogging, character, etc.). All entries judged together in open category only


A routine utilizing hip-hop or street-type moves. All entries judged together in hip-hop category only.


A routine utilizing Broadway or theatre dance styles. All entries judged together in musical theatre category only. Singing is permitted in musical theatre category only. (Professional microphones for vocals are not provided).


This is a non-competitive category for those teachers who wish to have their numbers perform on stage for critique only. No awards. Regular competition fees apply.


All fees are due upon completion of your online registration.
Please submit two (2) checks:
1. Convention registration tuition
2. Competition entry fees

All entries are final and non-refundable.
No exceptions. NO CHANGES in competition entries TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO CONVENTION.

Make all checks payable to:

West Coast Dance Explosion  
7231 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 140  
Las Vegas, NV 89117  
(702) 368-6228 Fax: (702) 368-4688


Each studio will be allowed to compete a maximum of thirty five (35) entries, plus fifteen (15) solos*, for a total of fifty (50) entries. The maximum of thirty five (35) entries may include no more than five (5) duo/trios and includes any Catalyst &  showcase numbers.. *Only one solo per dancer is permitted.

All entries must be postmarked by the registration cut-off date  (see tour schedule).


All SOLOS will be performed on Friday.

Regional competition will be limited to time availability. IN CITIES WITH AN EXTREMELY LARGE AMOUNT OF ENTRIES, WE MAY HOLD THE DUO/TRIO COMPETITION ON FRIDAY EVENING. WE MAY NEED TO DO SOME GROUPS ON FRIDAY EVENING AS WELL. Postmark does not guarantee acceptance of competition entries. Please get your entries in early!! If quota is reached before cut-off date, subsequent competition entries will not be accepted.


Judges’ score sheets and music CDs may be picked up on the morning following the competition. These items will be given to the teacher only! Decisions by the judges are final!!! WCDE is not responsible for any CDs that are not picked up.


All entries will be adjudicated by three (3) judges. Awards will be presented based on the combined scores listed below:

Super Star Award:  295 to 300
starstarstarstarstar   280 to 294
starstarstarstar   260 to 279
starstarstar   240 to 259
starstar   210 to 239

All Super Star to three (3) star award winners will be eligible for the 2018 Final Showdown in Las Vegas.






Scoring System

Technique: 50 points
Performance: 20 points
Choreography & Musicality: 20 points
Overall Appearance: 10 points

All ties will be broken, first by technique  score, second by performance score, and third by a judges’ poll.

In addition to the STAR adjudication awards, a competitive 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place Award will be given to the entries with the highest scores in the Mini, Junior, Teen, and Senior divisions. A plaque & free entry into the National Finals will be awarded for the

  • Overall High Score Solo
  • Overall High Score Duo/Trio
  • Overall High Score Small Group
  • Overall High Score Large Group
  • Overall High Score Line
  • Overall High Score Production
  • Overall High Score Extended Time Production

Entertainment Award

Judges will choose the most entertaining number of the evening. Winner will receive an award plaque.

The Dance Genre Challenge Cup

The Dance Genre Challenge is a competition where dancers compete in 4 genres of dance, (Example; Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop & Contemporary), against all of the other studios who are entered in the challenge, in each regional city. The winning studio will receive an award plaque and will then be eligible to go to the FINAL SHOWDOWN 2018 in Orlando and represent their regional city at Nationals.

Here is how it works~

  • At a regional WCDE competition, the studio-owner selects 4 routines of different genres out of the maximum 35 entries that they would like to be part of the Dance Genre Challenge. (These 4 numbers are still entered in the regular competition and are still eligible for awards in their respective categories).  PLEASE NOTE: Lyrical, Contemporary and Open divisions are considered one genre for the Dance Genre competition.
  • They may be of any age division, but must be a group, line, production or extended time production, to be eligible. (Solos and duo-trios are not eligible). Once a studio wins The Dance Genre Challenge in a regional city, it may not compete again for this award in another regional city.
  • ALL of the scores, from the 4 different numbers entered by each studio, will be added up and we will announce the
    winning studio, which has the highest total combined score at the end of the competition on Saturday night.
  • There are no extra REGIONAL fees required to be entered in The Dance Genre Challenge. Just pay the normal entry fees for the regular competition.

*Note: At our National Finals in Orlando, (The Final Showdown 2018), a minimum of 8 participating regional winners are required in order to hold the National Dance Genre Challenge Cup competition. (Competition fees will apply @ Nationals).

REGIONAL  West Coast Dance Explosion  Studio Showcase 2018

The high-score routine from 3 different studios will be announced on Saturday evening. A special award will be given to all 3 Studio Showcase routines. The top 3 studios* with the highest scoring numbers of the competition will perform in the faculty show on Sunday!

NO Solos or duo/trios are eligible.
*A studio may only have one number representing them in the Studio Showcase.


Each week all participating studios will have the opportunity to enter a FREE parent competition number.  The Parent Throwdown Challenge will open the competition on Saturday at each of our Regional events.  Each entry will be scored by 3 judges and be given a score 1 – 10.  The Top 3 highest scoring numbers will be announced and 1 winner will be chosen per weekend.  The winner will perform in the Faculty Show on Sunday.    BRING your costumes, props & energy to this new and exciting event!!  *One (1) entry per studio permitted.  ** Solo’s and Duo/Trio’s are not permitted.  *** WCDE requires 3 participating studios each weekend in order to hold the Parent Throwdown Challenge.

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