Thanks Chicago for an AWESOME WCDE weekend! The talent was just phenomenal! Congrats to all who participated in the competition and workshop. The performances were brilliant, and the passion and energy in the classes were off the hook. Keep up the good work and we hope hope to see you at Nationals, or next year in Chicago!!


Thank you for DETROIT for an AMAZING weekend! The talent level just keeps getting better every year! You all worked so hard on stage and in all the classes. We can’t stop talking about how awesome the convention was. THANK YOU for sharing your passion and artistry with us! Keep up the great work!!

Thank You BOSTON, MA!

THANK YOU BOSTON for an unbelievable WCDE weekend from start to finish! Super talented dancers, and some of the nicest and most down to earth people in the country! It was an absolute pleasure and honor to have you all with us for our 20th! Can’t thank you enough! Keep up the fantastic work, and we hope to see you all again next year or at the Final Showdown 2016 in Las Vegas!!:-)


WCDE-Greenville, SC was outstanding!! Thanks dancers, teachers, parents & friends for sharing in an amazing weekend of dance with us! Unforgettable memories! Can’t believe it’s been 20 years of coming to the Hyatt Greenville. We’ve seen generations of talent come through, and the new generation looks bright and filled with promise! Keep up the good work and we hope to see you next year or at Nationals in Vegas!! Shout out to our Fuzion Dance Company members…You all are doing a fantastic job!

Thanks a million- CLEVELAND!

Thanks Cleveland for an unbelievable weekend of dancing! You ALL had an amazing level of energy and artistry both onstage and in classes at WCDE. Loved every moment!! Keep up the great work!


Thank you to all of the talented dancers who rocked WCDE- LAS VEGAS this past weekend. Big THANK YOU to all of the fabulous teachers and parents as well. What an amazing convention to kick off the new year! Keep up the great work everybody!!

Look for Tre Holloway in The Wiz LIVE!

Look out for WCDE’s fabulous hip-hop teacher, Tre Holloway, in the upcoming television production of The Wiz LIVE. He has been working on the production in NYC for quite some time, and we will finally get to see it tomorrow!
It airs December 3rd( Thursday) @8pm eastern on NBC!
He is the assistant choreographer, and in the show as a performer as well. Look for him in “He’s The Wiz” (Munchkin), and “You Can’t Win” (Crow).

Thanks FRISCO!!

THANK YOU Frisco, TX dancers, teachers and parents for being a part of our very first city on our WCDE 20th anniversary tour! It was an amazing display of talent and energy from all of the studios who participated! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did:-) We appreciate your support so much. Congrats also to all of the Fuzion Dance Co. members for being so fabulous on their first WCDE weekend! Have a great Thanksgiving and keep up the great work!!