Thanks ORLANDO!!:)

A massive THANK YOU to all of the amazing dancers & teachers who took part in WCDE-Orlando this past weekend! Our faculty and staff were blown away by the talent. It was an absolutely spectacular event, filled with wonderful performances and classes! Thank you also to the parents….we certainly appreciate all that you do! Keep up the fantastic work everyone. We hope to see you this July, at the Final Showdown, in Las Vegas @ the Mirage. If not, we hope we see you again in Orlando next season:-)

Hats off to you~ Vancouver, WA!

Thank you VANCOUVER, WA! What an awesome array of talent, assembled all in one place! We loved the classes, the performances…we loved it ALL! Keep up the great work…you all should be very proud! Hope to see you next year in Seattle, or at our Nationals @ the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas this summer!!


THANK YOU Detroit for an unbelievable weekend of dancing! You ALL were fantastic!! The classes, performances, and auditions were all amazing, due to the hard work and dedication of the dancers and teachers! Hats off to all of you…..and all of the parents too! Couldn’t do it without you! Keep up the good work, and we hope to see you next season, or at our Nationals in Las Vegas this summer!!

THANK YOU~ Chicago!

Thank you CHICAGO for an unforgettable experience! The dancers were absolutely incredible. You should all be so proud of yourselves, as all the hard work you put into your art was so evident this past weekend both onstage and in classes! Hats off to all of the talented studio-owners and teachers too. Thank you ALL for your support of WCDE! We are all still buzzing about what an extraordinary convention it was. BRAVO!!



Thanks a million HOUSTON!

GREAT convention and competition in Houston, TX this past weekend!! We loved the energy and enthusiasm from all of the dancers…and lots of talent too! Thank you ALL for the amazing support. It was definitely an event to remember! Keep up the good work and have a wonderful rest of your season!!



Still can’t believe the talent and energy we just experienced! What an incredible weekend at WCDE: BOSTON! Thanks a million to all of the lovely dancers, teachers, studio-owners and parents who attended. You all are wicked amazing!! Keep up the great work!:-)


Greenville, SC…YOU WERE AMAZING!! There was some SERIOUS talent this past weekend at WCDE! We could all tell how hard the dancers and teachers have been working. The performances and class work were top-notch! Congrats to everyone on a job well done. (Parents too!!) Thanks so much for the incredible support. Hope to see you again next year or at Nationals in Vegas!!

ALERT! WCDE: CHICAGO competition is completely SOLD-OUT!

Our Chicago, IL competition-March 10-12, is already completely SOLD-OUT! No further entries will be accepted. (No exceptions!) Thanks so much for the amazing support!!


To all of the amazing dancers, studio owners, teachers and parents who attended our recent WCDE convention in Cleveland, OH- Thanks SO MUCH! It was an outstanding weekend. The talent was off the hook. The energy was magnificent! Keep up the great work!! Hope to see you ALL next season, or at our Nationals in Las Vegas!