Check out our brand new competition level!

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  • This level of competition is for dancers who train 6 hours or less per week for  *ALL GENRES COMBINED*
  • All Catalyst competing dancers must be registered for the entire workshop in the city where they are competing.
  • Dancers are not permitted to cross over levels of competition in any category including solos, duos/trios, groups, lines, or any type of production.   Example:  A Catalyst dancer cannot be entered in both the Catalyst level and regular levels of competition.
  • Disqualifications will result in any changes from one level of competition to another level of competition.
  • All entries for this new and exciting level of competition are included in the total number of entries allowed at our regional events.  * CATALYST competition fees are the same as the regional competition fees.

MINI – 6-9
JUNIOR –10-12
TEEN – 13-15
SENIOR – 16 +

All routines will be adjudicated. There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place given to the entries with the highest scores in the MINI, JUNIOR, TEEN & SENIOR categories. A plaque will also be awarded for the following:

Overall High Score Solo
Overall High Score Duo/Trio
Overall High Score Small Group
Overall High Score Large Group
Overall High Score Line
Overall High Score Production
Overall High Score Extended Time Production

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