Thanks so much ORLANDO!

A big shout out to all of the amazing studios who danced with us in Orlando this past weekend! The talent was INCREDIBLE!!!! Well done everybody! Studio-owners, teachers, dancers and parents~ THANK YOU from all of us at WCDE for your overwhelming support! Keep up the great work, and we hope to see you at Nationals in Orlando this summer:-)

New Season 2019-2020 dates announced!

Here’s a FIRST LOOK at WCDE’s 2019-2020 tour dates. Dates for our 2020 Final Showdown will be posted this week! Mark your calendars!!:)


THANK YOU ALBUQUERQUE! We had a great time working with all of the dancers in New Mexico! It was WCDE’s first time there, and we would love to come back and do it again! The talent was great, and everyone was giving their 100%. Hope you enjoyed the convention as much as we did. Keep up the great work and enjoy the rest of your season!:)